Directory listings

Hi. Hopefully someone can help me. I would like to run a powershell script that will tell me:

  1. A list of hidden files, recursively, on a volume. No other attributes should be included (system etc).
  2. It should show the date accessed
  3. It should be output to a text or csv file that I can then filter or
  4. the output should have a “files older than” filter on it.

The eventual outcome of this is to run a delete command on the hidden files over a certain age. To do this the filename should include the full path to the file.

Or any other suggestions!

Thanks for your help

This forum is for help with powershell. You have to do the legwork.

Sorry, I thought I was asking for help.

Post the script that isn’t working.

 Get-ChildItem . -Attribute H+!S -recurse | select-object lastwritetime,lastaccesstime,directoryname,name > recurse.txt 

The output of this gives me a text file but the directory name and file name fields are shortened to 26 characters each with 3 dots on the end. I would like to have the full path and filenames if poss.