diffrence dsquery and get-adgroup

There commands should be the same:

dsquery group "CN=ab.test.something.s,OU=Administration,OU=Groups,DC=ab,DC=company,DC=com"
get-adgroup "CN=ab.test.something.s,OU=Administration,OU=Groups,DC=ab,DC=company,DC=com"

But for some reason, the get-adgroup cant find all of the groups, that i can find with dsquery.
Any one know why?

Is it a matter of not being the same quantity? Get-ADGroup does throttle the results into pages.

be more specific…that is only going to return a single group.

Are you saying get-adgroup can’t find that specific group?

Yes, when i search 1 group, dsquery wil find the group. Get-adgroep returns nothing.

I can’t reproduce this behavior in my forest.