Detecting param variable input only

I have a script with a standard string param in it. In the script, I want to detect if this string is $null. I’ve included a script snippet. Rather than using 2 variables, is it possible to set a condition only on the parameter? Something like setting a type of [param] like if ([param]$x) ?


$somearray = 'product1','product2'

foreach ($element in $somearray) {
    ## I only want to test against the $x set by the param
    ## I don't want this if $x was set lower in the script
    if (!$x) {
       do something
    $x = 'something'

Nevermind. Posted too soon. $PSBoundParameters[‘x’] did the trick.

It’s not really a good practice to overwrite the value of a parameter variable like that. Technically, though, you could check the value of $PSBoundParameters[‘x’] to get at the original argument that was passed in. Personally, I would just use two variable names, even if one is originally initialized as a copy of $x.

Take a look at advanced functions: