Detect if Notebook lid closed


I am working on an OSD Task sequence which does BIOS updates. On these machines the BIOS updates fail if the notebook lid is closed. I wanted to find a programmatic way of determining if the lid is closed. I have found reference to a WMI event that one can monitor to detect lid changes (opening closing) but its not the change of state I want, I need to just check if it is currently closed. Anyone have a possible solution?
David Z

That’s going to be entirely vendor-specific. The hardware itself, via a driver, would have to raise that information - and exactly how it does so may or may not use that WMI element. Your best bet would be to contact your hardware vendor.

Thanks - I thought it might be a standard WMI thing. I’ll see if I can find out more from Dell.

Dont know if this will have what I need but Im gald I looked for it as we have all Dells…