Detailed description of PSObject layer

Dear Community,
I’ve question regarding “PSObject layer”.

Each Object which will be moved into a pipeline will be encapsulate by psobject in order to provide a consistent view of any object (e.g. .NET Object, WMI Object). So the .NET object, WMI object and COM object will be wrapped into an object adapter like .NET object adapter or WMI object adapter. This type adapter acts as an intermediary between the object and PowerShell.
Is there a detailed description available how the internal powershell architecture works.

Many thanks in advance.

How much detail are you looking for? provides a good description of how things work, but it’s not going down to the level of giving you .NET class names for the adapters or anything like that. (Assuming that those are even part of the public API, which I don’t know, off the top of my head.)

Hi Dave, thanks a lot for providing this kind of description. I will look into…