Deploying Wildcard Cert to Multiple IIS Servers

Deploying an SSL certificate and binding it is pretty strait forward with the shell, but I’m having issues attempting to deploy to two or more servers within a session. Being knew to this, I’m sure that I’m missing something obvious. I’m hoping to see a session example or event a script that would accomplish this. I know I can’t be the first person to come across this but I haven’t found anything yet that works.

Did you try to use your favorite search engine to find examples or prewritten scripts? There are thousands in the internet. Some you could find here: Powershell Gallery or here: Microsoft Technet Script Library. Besides this you should take a look to Powershell Remoting. It delivers functionality to process more than computer or even more than one computer at a time. Here you can find the book Secrets of Powershell Remoting.