Deploying modules via SCCM

I am planning a method to deploy an in-house module to all user’s computers on my team. I wrote a script that registers a repository that resides on a networks share and creates a line in the all users all host profile to check for updates. This requires everyone on the team to run the script once. Maybe there’s a better method to use SCCM to deploy the module to all IT team members.

Could I create an SCCM application to create the trusted repository, install the module, and a detection method to see if the trusted repository exists, module exists, verify the version is up to date then update it if it is not. Maybe I need more than one application (1 for creating the repository, and 1 for installing the module.) I would love some thoughts and insight on this. Thank you!

To make your life a little easier you could install the module in the standard module path “C:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\Modules” and leave the version control up to a script detection method of the application.