Deploy script to muliple server

Hi ,

I found a script from a guy to automate zabbix agent deployment after some fiddling with it I got I working. But now am trying to mass deploy it to all my domain servers. But I have no Idea how to do this.
I tried the following after some googling but I lack the knowhow :

Invoke-Command -ComputerName fine-rdsh01 -ScriptBlock {C:\Zabbix-Install.ps1} -Credential

Can send one send me in the correct direction ?

Well, you didn’t mention why that command didn’t work, but it’s basically the correct syntax.

It does assume that the script is C:\Zabbix-Install.ps1 on each of the computers - meaning this assumes you’ve deployed the script already, and just need to run it. If the script is on your computer, then use -FilePath instead of -ScriptBlock to refer to your local script.

This also assumes that the remote machines are allowed to run scripts according to their ExecutionPolicy.

Thx for the feedback , -FilePath worked :slight_smile: