Delete Active Directory groups with a .csv


Could someone help me, I have to delete a lot of groups in the Active Directory. I have a CSV file with the groups to delete, but I can’t find how to delete these groups with the CSV file as one could do for user creations or deletion.

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I manage to use Powershell and connect it to AD,
I can’t find on any forum or site, a command or if it’s possible to delete groups via a CSV.

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But again i don’t find something to help.
I see “create user with CSV” but impossible to find a topic with my problem…

If you really cannot find something helpful for you you will have to do it yourself. To get you started you may start reading the following help topics:

Please always read the help for cmdlets you’re about to use completely including the examples to learn how to use them.

And BTW: There are more than enough examples out there.
When I use “powershell delete groups via a CSV” to search for with google the first hit is this:

and there are many more.


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You will be using Remove-ADGroup cmdlet. You could import csv using Import-Csv cmdlet.

example to get process with the names from a csv

Import-Csv -FilePath c:\temp\list.csv | Foreach-Object -Process {
    Get-Process -Name $_.Name