Dealing with Spaces from a Query

I am querying a user for an AD group name. I then want to confirm the group is in AD. However, the group name has spaces. I have tried many things to deal with this, none of which is successful. This is an excerpt of the script I am using:

$Trustee = ‘WinNT://’,"$env:userdomain",’/’,"$trustee" -join ‘’
$ADResolve = ([adsisearcher]"(samaccountname=$Trustee)").findone().properties[‘samaccountname’]

Can someone help me?

With that syntax, you’re usually querying for the samAccountName, which doesn’t usually have spaces… that’s different from the display name.

But, out of curiosity, why wouldn’t you use either Get-ADGroup, or the LDAP:// provider, versus WinNT://? Going through the old-old-old WinNT interface seems like you’d always just run across challenges.