Date time HP iLO


Where are using PRTG for monitoring our customer environments and we recently discovered that HP has written a few Powershell modules for there iLO cards.

What I really like to know is how to get the current Date Time of the iLO Card.
The reason is that I can then compare it with the current date time of the PRTG host, When they are not the same I want to see a warning. This is useful because when you send the events to a syslog server, the events need to have the proper date time. Otherwise why even bother.

The Powershell Modules that we currently use our HPEILO and HPEBIOS, but I can’t find a command in with I get the current date time.

I hope you all can help me out.

Regards Richard.

Based on the PowerShell Gallery listings for HPEiLO and HPEBIOS, there doesn’t appear to be a cmdlet for returning the date & time set on the card. There are cmdlets to get and set the options for the date & time (Get-HPEBIOSDateTimeOption and Set-HPEBIOSDateTimeOption) but that appears to be it. If no cmdlet has been written for the function you want, you’re probably out of luck for this approach.

But, the time should only be incorrect if the iLO card isn’t configured properly. You can configure iLO clock sync from several different sources, but basically either the local system clock or an NTP server. If you set it to sync with the system ROM it should always reflect the local system time. If you set all of your iLO cards to sync via SNTP, then all of your logs should reflect the same time (of the NTP server). If you’re managing a large group of network systems, syncing all of them to an NTP server is probably your best option.

If your iLO cards are not showing either local system times or an NTP time, but instead have random/incorrect times, then either your configuration is bad or something is broken and needs to be fixed.