DataGridView with ComboBoxColumn

I am trying to display workstation details for our users.

This includes a DataGridView with columns for:

UserID, DisplayName, ADContext (from DistinguishedName) and the Main ‘Business Unit’ Groups of which the user is a member. Since the user could be in more than one of these, I am trying to add those to a ComboBox Column - so that there is only one Row for each user with a ComboBox in the event the user is in more than one of these groups.

This is displaying the details, but the ComboBoxes do not function and the user details are spread over more than one line when they are in more than one group. In other words, the ComboBox is displaying more or less as if it was a TextBoxColumn.

For each user, I am adding the ComboBoxColumn first and then the Row details - with the value for the former in the row as well, i.e.

$row = $col1, $col2, $col3, $col4, $col$, $col6, $col7, $col8, $col9

Any idea how to make the multiple entries merge together to populate a functioning ComboBoxColumn and a single row for each user please?

I think you’ll need to create a string that combines the data and use that