creating Xtemp and Ytemp temporary folders with user permissions

Need assistance with a Powershell script for automatically creating Xtemp and Ytemp temporary folders
The folders to be created have the following path

The users should have write access within these folders

Looking to create a powershell script that takes the username as an input parameter, and executes the following file system operations
-Create the user-folder \contoso.local\home\homeshare<username>

-Disable inheritance at the level \contoso.local\home\homeshare<username> and convert all inherited file system permissions to explicit permissions

-Change owner to

-Give the following groups Full Control:



-Give the Read & Execute Permissions

-Remove all other permissions from the folder

-Create the folder called “home” within the folder

-Create the XTemp folders \contoso.local\home\homeshare<username>\home\Xtemp\Xtemparchive

-Create the Ytemp folders \contoso.local\home\homeshare<username>\home\Ytemp

Add Modify-permissions for at the level \contoso.local\home\homeshares<username>\Home\Xtemp\

-Add Modify-permissions for at the level \contoso.local\home\homeshare<username>\home\Ytemp

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