Create a html file from xml with xslt

Hello everybody, please I Need Help to do a powershell script to trasform xml file in html file with a xslt
but very important, in order to do that, I need the following conditions.
1 - I need the script to take (acquire) the xml file from a directory, wich may be changeable (I have a program wich will pass the path from time to time)
2 - I need to set the script in order to use my xslt file
3 - I need the script to drop the html file in a specific path.

Can you help me?


welcome to the forums.

What kind of help do you expect? We will not write ready to run scripts or solutions on request. Even as it is quite unlikely that you find something prefectly fitting - did you try to serach for a solution?

If you’re not experienced with scripting it may be better to hire a trained IT professionel to do what you need.

If you already have some code you wrote and just got stuck with it you may share this code here and we will be happy to try to help you further. :wink:

XSLT processor with PowerShell - Svet Paregov