"Coupled files" checker - eliminator

I am trying to sort my asset library and i could not find similiar code or an utility so wondering if any one provide a practical code… I think power shell is appropriate

I am also sure that many 3d artists will benefit from this code as the trend is to keep a compressed file next to preview image in same folder and work search through tags…
Most folders look like this.

so basically, if there is abc.zip file but no abc.jpg or abc.jpeg, then move that zip to some defined folder

i think it has to do these in order to achieve the desired output…
Get a list of files in folders and sub-folders, for every zip OR rar OR 7z files
And query for an (exact) named jpg OR jpeg OR png OR gif file.
If NOT, move that zip OR rar OR 7z file to a subfolder named “decoupled” on same root folder of the target folder.

Post the code you have tried then we can help you.

As you might have suspected, i have no code to begin with.