Convert report to ASP/ASPX?

Hi, I created a PS scheduled task to write an HTML report, using ConvertTo-HTML, to a set of IIS web servers. However, I’m wondering if there is an easy way to convert the output to ASP or ASPX. This particular website uses forms authentication, which doesn’t protect static content like HTML, and I’d prefer to just write the file as ASP/ASPX than contact another team to modify the handlers in their web application.

I appreciate any advice you all can offer.



To my knowledge , No. May be you can custom create it by building the page one line at a time. Instead of xreating HTML report, use ForEach object then construct the lines for each element. Or have template kind of aspx file , then do a find/replace operation using a foreach.

So, this isn’t really a powershell question…BUT here’s a link that might point you in the ‘right’ direction: