Connect-Qadservice: Network Path not found

by Slashj at 2013-04-08 08:20:35


Recently i created an GUI for users to change their password on their own.

This works great in ISE, even Crossdomain (like, im sitting in Domain 1 and want to change pw of an user in Domain 2)

But as soon as im packaging the script into an .exe with Sapiens Powershellstudio 2012… i get an error while im trying to connect to an Ad.

It doesnt even matter to which domain im tryin to connect… i get the Error:

Connect-Qadservice: The network path was not found.

Can some1 explain to me why that happens? To me it seems very strange… works in ISE but not as .exe

I mean, its the same Script :)!

Thanks in advance,

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by coderaven at 2013-04-08 09:17:02
Try posting this in the PowerSell GUI area with Sapien. Though you are working with AD, I am not sure how that exe is going to work. It could be that the module cannot load, a GUI assembly cannot be loaded… I just don’t know.
by Slashj at 2013-04-09 03:06:16
Thanks for the advice.

Ive already written this scenario into a few forums :).


a lil bit more info on this:

I save the entries from username and password into 2 variables, called “username” and “oldpw”.

both are defined as global-variables so im takin these:

$global:username = ‘domain\username’
$global:oldpw = ‘password’
$global:oldpwsec = convertto-securestring “$($global:oldpwsec)” -asplaintext -force

connect-qadservice ‘domainDNSname’ -connectionaccount $global:username -connectionpassword $global:oldpwsec

I already checked if the variables are correctly stored while im usin the .exe version via write-host right before the connect… and yes they are correctly stored.

And yes, the connection works if im running the script with "rightclick->Run with Powershell"

But if it is packaged to an .exe via Powershellstudio, it doesnt work anymore and returns the error as written above.

Funny thing is, the Full qualified error id from the error i get represents an System.IO.FileNotFoundException!!
by Slashj at 2013-04-10 16:16:19
Already found an workaround for this.

Wont help anyone else, cause its domain specific, so im not gonna post the whole workaround :).

Thx for your help anyway