Configure time (w32tm) with DSC

Does anybody know a DSC module to manage the time on a server?

I have found this:

However, this module is only setting a timestamp value on network adapters.

I am searching for a DSC resource doing the same as w32tm /config.

Or maybe do you have another DSC solution for standalone computers?

IMHO, Configuration management is all about the expected state of a system. Even though DSC has the capability of auto correction, using it for time sync wont be a feasible solution.

you could think of a scheduled task as well.

Hi Prasoon!

Sorry if I was too vague or not explicit enough…
I was speaking about general time configuration and not current time correction.

Currently, I am doing this by GPO for domain members and the w32tm command-line for standalone servers.

However, now that I am transitioning to DSC, I am searching for a “DSC way” to configure the time service.
For the moment I am using registry keys as a workaround.
But a DSC module would be welcome. Or maybe it already exists and I couldn’t find it…