Compliance server TargetName is IP address


i am currently testing the dsc compliance server and have the following problem:

TargetName                   ConfigurationId              ServerCheckSum                            NodeCompliant LastComplianceTime                           StatusCode
----------                   ---------------              --------------                            ------------- ------------------                           ----------                96956d1b-0683-43a5-bf64-9... D76C34282123890D2677170C...                        True 2014-06-25T14:22:12.2707...                           0                cf4fd7e6-d958-4981-b757-2... 10E89F5EF6798EBC5F89B666...                        True 2014-06-25T14:17:23.2639...                           0

The TargeName Column has the IP address instead of the HostName

Here is the example of Microsoft which contains the Hostname in the column (

Any idea why i have the IP instead of the hostname

Thanks in advance

Unfortunately, not much is known about how the compliance component works, yet. I’m hoping that WMF 5 brings some more detail.

I just ended up doing this in my output to translate the IP address to Hostname: