Compatibility option for Server 2016/Win10 not available?

This makes no sense to me, Windows 10/Sever 2016 has been around for a couple years now.

When manually creating a task on a Server 2016 machine i can change the “configure for” dropdown and select Server 2016.

When creating a scheduled task with PowerShell for use with a GMSA I can’t choose higher than Win8/Server 2012 R2.

New-ScheduledTaskSettingsSet - Compatibility "Win8"

Is this going to be updated? Or is there a work-around?

I’ve tested this on Win10 as well as Server 2016 and if you specify Win8 in New-ScheduledTaskSettingsSet it does set the “Configure for:” to “Windows 10” and “Windows Server 2016”. I do not think Microsoft has updated the Cmdlet to change those values. Since they are developing PowerShell Core as open source, you could submit a GitHub issue and ask for updated values, unless they have a specific reason why they’ve kept it that way.