Codepage issues

We daily receive a CSV with articles to import into our ERP.
The handling of special characters fails.

E.g. in the file it says “Pyramid display � stuks” where it should be “Pyramid display á 24 stuks”
Is there something I can do to reverse these characters? I am getting no support from the company we are getting this data from.

My first impulse would be to evaluate other companies more willing to cooperate.

Do you know the encoding these CSV files come with? Do you import these CSV directly into your ERP system? Have you tried importing these CSV files in PowerShell using the parameter -Encoding?

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Thanks, Yes but choosing another company is not a decision taken lightly…
I am afraid I will have to live with them for the next few years at least.

I will check the doc you linked, thanks.

Definitely. But the chance of working with an uncooperative partner for the next few years might be enough reason to consider it anyway. :man_shrugging:t3: