CmdLets for GroupPolicies (BitLocker)

Hi, Below are Group Policies that i want to enable & disable. Can please share the CMDlets for them

a. Allow Secure Boot for Integrity validation  Enabled
b. Require additional authentication at startup  Enabled
c. Disallow standard users from changing the PIN or password  Disabled
d. Enable use of Bitlocker authentication requiring preboot keyboot input on slates Enabled
e. Allow enhanced PINs for startup  Enabled
f. Configure use of hardware-based encryption for operating system drives Disabled
g. Enforce drive encryption type on operating system drives  Disabled
h. Configure use of passwords for operating system drives Enabled

Thanks for reading

The Group Policy cmdlets can’t be used to set individual policies within a GPO as far as I’m aware. though you can configure registry settings -

Thanks. I’ll look into that .

Hi , I searched Reg edit for GPO, but not able to found any proper information . Can you help on this.