Check FTP directory


I want to check if a directory with a certain name (YYYYMMDD) exist on an FTP server (accessed with username/password).
What’s the easiest way to do this?

Assuming you have access and can run PS on the server, Test-Path cmdlet will return True or False if the specified file/directory exists. If you don’t have physical access, you could either do a remote session in ISE or send the cmdlet in an Invoke-Command cmdlet. Lots of options.

I’ll have to check it from remote and the FTP server is not a Windows Server.

Unless you know for sure, I doubt the Server has PS installed.

There are some pre-built modules out there for managing FTP:

Powershell doesn’t have any base utilities or capabilities to manage FTP. The modules are most likely leveraging .NET to provide FTP capabilities, but looks like it may serve your needs.