Change string "wait please" to custom text


we are using GPO PS scripts to install .msi Software to our users. Is there any way how can I temporarily change text “Wait Please” (Windows 10) to some custom string like “Wait, your mighty software is installing …” I found some popup solution, but that would be too complicated.

Thank you for your advices :slight_smile:

you should be able to do this via Group Policy “Display highly detailed status messages”

Hello, I found this solution too but if I set this GPO to enabled, users see something like “Setting computer” and nothing else. I would like to inform them better like which software is exactly installing.

It is possible in PS script change this? It is also a great idea to debug which SW takes too long to process.

If you used SCCM to deploy the package you could display some custom messages via a task sequence. See for examples

Hello, well we do not use SCCM. I would like to just change it via powerShell script.

I deploy SW via my own PS script, so somewhere where “Start-Process -FilePath “$env:systemroot\system32\msiexec.exe”” is running, I would like to change this “wait please” String before this function.

Is it possible? Thank you