Change font of a hyperlink

Hello Everyone,

I insert a hyperlink in a Word file via Powershell. See code below:


But I have a little problem, the hyperlink takes a different font and size as the rest of the text that I insert the word file …
Do you know how I can do please?
Thank you !

Hi Florian, I’ve seen now two posts from you regarding manipulating word documents. I suggest you to look into these projects. They require however knowledge about programming, but with these projects you are able to manipulate docx contents in great depth.

Hi Richard,

Thank you for the two links.

I’ll take a look, I have some experience in programming so it will have to go.

Nevertheless, this is the last point I have to finish my script. After that I will have certainnement need to work in it.

So if by chance someone knows the solution to change the font and size of a hyperlink in a word, let me know!


Solved !

$hlink = $doc.Hyperlinks.Add($selection.Range,"$SiteUrlB",'',"$SiteWebB","$SiteWebB")
    $hlink.Range.Font.Name = 'SFR Light'
    $hlink.Range.Font.Size = 10