Challenges in retrieving health status from Office365

Hello guys,

I’m trying to fetch the health status report from office 365 portal.
I am able to retrieve all the required parameters but when I try to add “$Message” (which contains a detailed description of multiple lines) to a single cell in output csv file, I am not able to. As it is adding each line in a separate cell.
In short, each line in the “$Message” parameter is being added to a new cell & not on the same cell.
I developed the below script.
Can someone suggest me how I can get the details in a single cell?

Thanks in advance.
Let me know if any further explanation is required.

$path=Split-Path -parent $MyInvocation.MyCommand.Definition

$MyCred = Get-Credential

$jsonPayload = (@{userName=$MyCred.username;password=$MyCred.GetNetworkCredential().password;} | convertto-json).tostring()
$cookie = (invoke-restmethod -contenttype “application/json” -method Post -uri “” -body $jsonPayload).RegistrationCookie
$jsonPayload = (@{lastCookie=$cookie;locale=“en-US”;preferredEventTypes=@(0,1)} | convertto-json).tostring()
$events = (invoke-restmethod -contenttype “application/json” -method Post -uri “” -body $jsonPayload)
$Issues = $events.Events

$outputFile =$path+"\O365_Health_status.csv"
#Check if output file is already present on the directory.
#Remove if it is exists
if (Test-Path $outputFile)
Remove-Item $outputFile

#Defining the output file headers
$output=“Title, ServiceName, status, starttime, EndTime, LastUpdatedTime, id, AffectedTenantCount, Message `n”
foreach($Issue in $Issues)

$detail = $Issue
$ServiceName = ($detail.AffectedServiceHealthStatus).ServiceName
$Title = $detail.Title
$status = $detail.Status
$starttime = $detail.StartTime
$Message =String.MessageText
$AffectedTenantCount = $detail.AffectedTenantCount
$EndTime =$detail.EndTime
$id = $detail.Id
$LastUpdatedTime = $detail.LastUpdatedTime

$output = $output+$Title+","+$ServiceName+","+$status+","+$starttime+","+$EndTime+","+$LastUpdatedTime+","+$id+","+$AffectedTenantCount+","+$Message+“`n”
Clear-Variable Title, ServiceName, status, starttime, EndTime, LastUpdatedTime, id, AffectedTenantCount, Message

Add-Content $outputFile $output

Write-Host "Script execution completed. The output file is saved at " $path -ForegroundColor Green

So, for one, you’re really working a helluva lot harder than you need to. PowerShell is perfectly capable of making CSV files for you - you don’t need to do it yourself. You just need to emit a PSCustomObject with the properties you want, and Export-CSV will make CSV for you.

function X {
foreach($Issue in $Issues)
$detail = $issue # not sure why you needed a new variable $detail here?
$props = @{ServiceName = ($detail.AffectedServiceHealthStatus).ServiceName
Title = $detail.Title
status = $detail.Status
starttime = $detail.StartTime
Message =[String]($detail.Messages).MessageText
AffectedTenantCount = $detail.AffectedTenantCount
EndTime =$detail.EndTime
$id = $detail.Id
LastUpdatedTime = $detail.LastUpdatedTime}

# do whatever you do to get $issues
x $issues | Export-CSV filename.csv

Something like that. But bear in mind that CSV files aren’t meant to contain giant multi-line fields, especially if they’ll contain double quotes (which CSV would normally use to delimit a field) or commas. So you may need to “massage” the message first to remove commas, quotes, and newline characters.

Thanks a lot for the explanation Don…

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