Chaining DSC scripts together

I have 9 seperate DSC scripts to configure a member Server. They do various things like installing windows features, copying files, installing Sql Mgmt Tools, creating and starting services. I’d be grateful to get opinions on how I chain these scripts together - is there something like a “DependsOn” function which you can link to other scripts? Or should I combine them all into one ginormous script?


That’s a bigger question than you might think ;). I did an entire chapter in The DSC Book on that, in fact.

There’s no DependsOn like that, no. You can dot source. You can make composite resources. You can use partials. There’s a lot of design stuff to consider either way.

Yep - after some reading about my options, I’m beginning to realize theres going to be some work ahead of me. I think I can solve this using composite Resources. I just need to find the time and a quiet room to go figure it out.

thanks :slight_smile: