Capture output from Start-DscConfiguration

Hi All,

I am trying to capture the output from the Start-DscConfiguration command.
Seems no matter what i try it just outputs to screen.
Any help is appreciated.


It sounds like you are hoping to redirect the verbose stream? If so, using “4>” will be effective. Example:

Start-DSCConfiguration -Path .\ -Wait -Verbose 4> .\log.txt

Hi Michael,

thank you for the reply.

I just found a post on here this morning that used a similar process and i updated my script with the below as i really needed it in a variable.
Apparently Start-DscConfiguration does use -OutVariable myVar but i could not get it to populate the variable but the below seems to work nicely.

$scriptBlock = [scriptblock]::Create("Start-DscConfiguration -Path $MOFFile -Verbose -Wait -Force  4>&1")
$result.Message = Invoke-Command -ScriptBlock $scriptBlock