cAppPool and IdentityType - response to closed GitHub issue

I posted a proposed change to the cAppPool Resource on GitHub regarding setting username and password. The topic was closed and labled as ‘wontfix’, but Dave Wyatt made a comment regarding changing IdentityType to not be mandatory and if its $null, don’t test/set IdentityType. Also, if IdentityType is $null or not set to specific user, don’t test/set username or password.

I updated my local copy with these changes and added Enable32Bit to the parameter set.

Are these appropriate changes to propose? If so, should I open another issue on Github?

Even better than opening another issue; open a Pull Request instead. :slight_smile: That’ll make it easier to review the changes and merge them in once everything looks good.

Thanks Dave, there are a few things I’m cleaning up and testing. Once I’m done, I will.