Cannot link nunit testresults file from Invoke-Gherkin with PicklesDoc

Hi all

I am trying to generate html report from test results with + Invoke-Gherkin, but without success. I use the OutputFile parameter in Invoke-Gherkin to specify output file (there is also a OutputFormat parameter but only seem to accept one value NUnitXml, so…).

When trying to link this test results file with pickles then all tests gets pending in the html report, when they instad should all be green.

This is my first try with gherkin in Powershell though I have been doing this for quite some time from C# using SpecFlow+Pickles, (several years actually, a bit scary when thinking about it :-))

My question is, has anyone succeeded generating a test results file from Invoke-Gherkin call AND also link it with picklesdoc program?

I’m not familiar with any of that, unfortunately - I wish I could help. It might be useful to query the folk at the pickledocs project.

Hello Keymaster,@donjones

I would like to get the SPEED AND DUPLEX setting of NIC from WINDOWS POWERSHELL command. Would you Please help on this .