Call variable under a PS script as a parameter in Jenkins

I have a config.ps1 script which has a variable "$versionNumber = “1.0.0"”. I need enter the variable value of users choice and save the config.ps1 file. I need to do this task using Jenkins Parameter.

My config.ps1


Pack parameters used to create the .nupkg file.


Specify the Version Number to use for the NuGet package. If not specified, the version number of the assembly being packed will be used.

NuGet version number guidance: and the Semantic Versioning spec:

e.g. “” (use assembly’s version), “1.2.3” (stable version), “1.2.3-alpha” (prerelease version).

$versionNumber = “1.0.0”

Specify any Release Notes for this package.

These will only be included in the package if you have a .nuspec file for the project in the same directory as the project file.

$releaseNotes = “”

Specify a specific Configuration and/or Platform to only create a NuGet package when building the project with this Configuration and/or Platform.

e.g. $configuration = “Release”

$platform = “AnyCPU”

$configuration = “”
$platform = “”

I’m unfortunately unfamiliar with how Jenkins passes information to scripts.