Cache Logon credentials

I have to move servers and change the IP. During the process, there comes a point I need to log on using my cached domain credentials since I don’t yet have network connectivity (we’re not provided local admin accounts). Normally, I RDP into the server beforehand which caches the credentials so I can again logon while not having any connectivity to the network. Is there a way to script this with Powershell?

My understanding is that a cached credential is used when the machine can’t reach a domain controller to validate the authentication request.

How are you using RDP if you don’t have network connectivity?

If the system doesn’t have network connectivity PowerShell won’t be able to talk to it

You’d probably want to test this to be sure, but I believe Windows should cache your credentials regardless of how you authenticated. Rather than trying to script a logon via Remote Desktop, try mapping a drive with “net use”. Then you can simulate the IP change by unplugging the network cable of your test machine, and see if it lets you log on.

This command will authenticate to the server and prompt you to enter a masked password at a command prompt (or PowerShell console):

net use \ServerNameOrIP /user:DOMAIN\UserName *

Initially, I have network connectivity and I use that in order to cache the credential for when I do not. Rather than using RDP to cache my credential, I would rather just run a script against a bunch of machines.

Not convinced that accessing a machine using PowerShell will cache your credentials. All I can suggest is that you try it an see what happens. Be interested to hear the results if you could feed back