Breakdown of a web page load time

I have just started playing around with PowerShell and I would like to see if I can piece together a script that will give me the time it took for each element to load for a given web page. We have an internal web page that gets information from about 15 internal services that are running on several different network segments.

Under IE I can press Pf12 and use “Internet Explorer Network Inspector” to get the load times but I would like to save the data so that I can have a before and after snapshot.

I can get the total load time for the page using “Measure-Command { $my_request = Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $uri -DisableKeepAlive -Method Get }”.

First, is this possible to do and if it is, could somebody point me in the right direction.


I’m not sure if Powershell is a good fit for this task. There’s a bunch of web sites that provide this functionality for free like (url)Website Speed Test | Pingdom Tools

I used the link that you provided but it does not allow me to export the data to a CSV file so that I can compare individual lines at a later point in time. I know that PowerShell is not a good fit for this task but can it be done.