Assistance needed with the ConvertTo-EnhancedHTMLFragment module - PostContent

I am needing some assistance with the ConvertTo-EnhancedHTMLFragment module. I have a function that is finding all of the VM Snapshots in a cluster, which i am then piping to the convertto-enhancedhtmlfragment command. This works fine and i am now getting the expected results in terms of the table as well as the PreContent. The issue seems to be with the post content. It is putting it at the top of the page under the PreContent instead of at the end.

Has anyone seen this behavior before with this Module? If I put the PostContent in the ConvertTo-EnhancedHTML it works, but that adds it for the whole file vs just the fragment i am going for. Thoughts?

I also wanted to add, i would use the basic ConvertTo-HTML, however am looking to use some of the other features like making the table Dynamic and hidden, etc… Thanks.