Arrays within Arrays - How to keep my output simple?

$headers = New-Object "System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary[[String],[String]]"
$headers.Add("Accept-Tenant", 'uk')
$headers.Add("Accept-Language", 'en-gb')
$headers.Add("Authorization", 'Basic VGVjaFRlc3RBUEk6dXNlcjI=')
$headers.Add("host", '')

Invoke-RestMethod -Uri -Method 'Get' -Headers $headers | `
Select-Object -ExpandProperty Restaurants | Format-List -Property Name,CuisineTypes,RatingAverage

I’ve figured out this little script, I need the three Properties at the end, but one of them is just another array!

Name          : Taste Haven
CuisineTypes  : {@{Id=97; Name=African; SeoName=african}, @{Id=66; Name=Nigerian; SeoName=nigerian}}
RatingAverage : 5.33

Name          : Morley's
CuisineTypes  : {@{Id=79; Name=Chicken; SeoName=chicken}, @{Id=78; Name=Burgers; SeoName=burgers}}
RatingAverage : 3.06

As far as my understanding goes right now, I’ll have to Select-Object again to drill down to cuisine type, but that will get rid of everything else.

Is there a way to select just the names within CuisineTypes without ditching everything else?

The headers can also be defined as a hashtable. This is a way to extract the Name of the Cuisine to show as an array like so:

$headers = @{}
$headers.Add("Accept-Tenant", 'uk')
$headers.Add("Accept-Language", 'en-gb')
$headers.Add("Authorization", 'Basic VGVjaFRlc3RBUEk6dXNlcjI=')
$headers.Add("host", '')

$restaurants = Invoke-RestMethod -Uri -Method 'Get' -Headers $headers | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Restaurants 
$restaurants | Select Name, @{Name="CuisineTypes";Expression={$_.CuisineTypes | Select -ExpandProperty Name}}, RatingAverage


Name                                         CuisineTypes               RatingAverage
----                                         ------------               -------------
Napoli Pizza                                 {Italian, Pizza}                    5.02
Yak & Yeti                                   {Indian, Curry}                     5.06
Palace Spice                                 Indian                              5.26
Godfather Pizza Wood Oven                    {Italian, Pizza}                    4.57
Moorish Grill                                {Jamaican, Caribbean}               4.08
Golden Curry                                 {Bangladeshi, Indian}               5.41
Monkeys                                      Indian                              5.28
Eastern Cuisine Indian Restaurant & Takeaway Indian                              5.36
Gurkha Cottage                               {Indian, Nepalese}                  5.04
Shanghai Wok                                 {Chinese, Curry}                    5.31

That’s great thanks! I didn’t think about making a new hash table, Russian Doll style.