Are there any good up-to-date CI/CD-esque tutorials/guides?

As the title asks… :slight_smile:

For context; I recently read an article on this from Kevin Marquette, and while it was good, it was also 4 years old, so the steps gave errors.
Trying to figure out how to fix the errors, I realise that I just don’t get what exactly it is that Buildhelpers is meant to be “building”, and the wiki/get-help were not really helpful.

So, as my title asks, are there any good and up-to-date CI/CD-esque tutorials/guides that are worth taking a look at?

I did find a couple of slightly more recent articles, but thought I’d ask the community.

I actually do not know what “CI/CD-esque” tutorials are but I think PowerShell Koans is a great place for learning and practice