Anyone Using Terraform for Azure or vCenter?

I am recently changed jobs, and my new company has decided to standardize it’s infrastructure as code (IaC) with I have spent a tun of time this last week working with it, trying to lean it. I would say the documentation is medium at best. I find that each day, a new important discovery is in store. Today it has started out with finding there is a place to chat with other terraform users on gitter. This, gitter, is new to me.

I am wondering if anyone here has any experience with terraform, and what your evaluation is.

I know when I went to the Chef conference, a large number of participants said they were using terraform for their cloud configurations.

I also learned today, that at the bottom right of most of the website document pages, there is an “Edit this page” link. I am hoping that this will be a way to add more clarification to many of the things they have posted that are wrong, or at the least incomplete.

For example:
If you want to setup a backend location to maintain the state files, the parameter that needs to be added to terraform init is -backend-config=PATH according to the documentation with no examples. In one place is says, “To specify a file, use the -backend-config=PATH option when running terraform init.” It turn out that unlike my initial assumption, after seeing the word PATH capitalized, you don’t replace the word path with the path, but you put another “=” and then put the path in. Like this (terraform init -backend-config=“path=C:\folder\dir\filname.tfvars”) Then you get the return output showing it was successfully considered.

Does anyone know of other forums that are good places to exchange information on terraform?
I also saw my first reference to a slack channel, anyone know what that might be called, or can invite me?

Looking forward to hearing your experiences and contributing to the “Edit this page” sections.