$_.altRecipient -ne $null NOT finding values

I have this one liner:

Get-ADUser -Filter * -Credential $creds | Where-Object {$_.altRecipient -ne $null}

…to find all users in our org that may have a value. It’s not even returning my test User for which I did enter a DN value.

What is my error?


Get-aduser returns a subset of ad properties, to get other properties that aren’t in that default set you can specify them with the -properties parameter.

Alternatively, it would also be more efficient to use the -filter parameter rather than where-object.

Get-aduser -filter {altrecipient -like '*'}

That should work, I think.

Thanks Craig, that indeed did work for me. Appreciate the reply, but the odd thing is, even though it found my test User object that has a value for altRecipient, the select operation doesn’t show the value. How can I reveal the actual value as well as find the User object that contains it?

Get-aduser -filter {altRecipient -like '*'} -Credential $creds | select altRecipient


The filter doesn’t require the property however you must include it for it to display.

Get-aduser -filter {altRecipient -like ‘*’} -Credential $creds -properties altrecipient

Thanks Dan -properties altrecipient solved it.