Alternative to Powershell Workflow

I’m starting to utilize powershell core on a RHEL 7 machine for the project I’m working on. In the past I utilized workflow(WWF) for creating complex multistep scripts. Powershell core has abandoned the workflow concept. Does anyone have suggestions on how to write code to have similar functionality? The checkpoint functionality is what I’m currently looking to mimic.

These links may be helpful:

Basically, Microsoft has decided not to bring WWF into new versions of .NET, but some of the workflow features are being implemented in every enterprise application (theoretically). If your work relies on .NET, workflow-core (the second github project linked above) seems to be the more actively developed project.

Is this discussion relevant to your situation?

It sounds like the specific functionality you’re looking for doesn’t exist and may not be brought back. There doesn’t seem to be a simple solution to replicate Checkpoint-Workflow.

Depending on how much you’re willing to dig into this, you may need to break your scripts into smaller modular pieces that can be started on demand (rather than trying to start from a checkpoint in the middle of a larger script), and implement runspaces if you need parallel functionality.