Add/Remove a website to compatibility mode

Hello Again,

I am trying to ADD and REMOVE a website to compatibility mode in Internet Explorer 11 via Powershell.
Tools–>Internet Options–>Compatibility View Settings–>–>Add/Remove

Please help with code working with powershell 3.0.

Note: It has to be done only via a code working with powerhshell 3.0.

What have you already tried to solve this problem? We’re happy to help you if you’re stuck, but as a community of volunteers, we can’t really just do it for you on-demand.

You should use Group Policy if you can to manage a central policy for trusted sites. Otherwise, you are setting registry keys. Note that if you don’t want the values removable by the user (HKCU), then you will need to set HKLM, which requires elevated privileges on the system. Check out the following: