Add IP address with the input

Hello everybody,

I will need your help, I am new with the powershell cmd.
I would like to create a powershell script, which can create a file, add different stuff in this file, and modify one line, to add the ip address.

For exemple this my script so far :
#ask for the IP address to add in the text files
$input = Read-Host Prompt “What is the IP address ?”
#create the directory and file
New-Item -Path ‘C:\test’ -ItemType Directory
New-Item -Path ‘C:\test\file1’ -ItemType File
#add content the file
Add-Content -Path ‘C:\test\file1’ -Value ‘{
“status”: “success”,
“response”: {
“Ip address”: “$input”,
}’ -Force

I would love to replace “$input” in the file with the IP address.
I don’t know how to do it.
I will appreciate your help.

Thank you !

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Thanks in advance

Instead of creating the file first and chaging it later I’d prefer using a here-string as template and input the received IP address before writing the file to the disk.

Something like this:

$IPAddress = Read-Host Prompt 'What is the IP address ?'
$TextTemplate = 
"status": "success",
"response": {
"Ip address": "$($IPAddress)",

New-Item -Path 'C:\test' -ItemType Directory 
$TextTemplate | 
    Out-File -FilePath 'C:\test\file1.txt'

Oh sorry for that ! I will use the preforrmatted text button next time.

This is exactly what I needed, it works !
Thank you so much !