Accessibility Problems with Screenreader


i am not sure, if this is the right place, but maybe someone can help me.

We deploy our software by SCCM and use powershellscripts for that. The messaging windows for e.g. installing a software are generated with powershell using .NET Windows.Forms.

We have a customer, who needs a screenreader to read the windows. But the screenreader cannot read those windows, although you can tab into that windows.

Is it possible, to maybe set a property to make it accessible?

Yes, there is a set of accessibility properties for Windows forms. These do have to be set in order for screen readers to recognize the forms. Helpfully, Microsoft included a walkthrough for building a form with these properties.

If you set these properties correctly in your scripts, the forms should work with the built-in Windows Narrator and most other screen reader software, as well as other accessibility tools. It might be worth your time to find out which specific technology your customer is using so that you can work with its features.