Access compiled command shell ?

How can I access commands within a compiled shell in Power shell ?

I really not sure what you ask is.

Are you asking how to access commands, function in PowerShell modules, DLLs???
I mean, there are exe’s written in PowerShell using tools like Sapien’s PowerShell Studio and others, but you access those in accordance with the authors / vendors help files / tech guides.

If you are saying you are using some other 3rdP CLI shell, then that vendor would need to provide those instructions is they interop with PowerShell. Now, all that being said, this shell, can run standard Windows .exe commands, then you can run the PowerShell.exe consolehost use the cmdlets.

This would be no different than running PowerShell doo-dads from cmd.exe. Yet, that means you’d have to know the entire line you’d want. As there more than likely not be any auto-complete, intelli-sense available, just as when using cmd.exe, and like cmd.exe not all command strings would run, depending on what and how you were writing them.

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C:\WINDOWS\system32>powershell get-childitem -path ‘c:\windows’

This leads me to a question.

PowerShell is a full fledged CLI and script tool with built-in help, auto-complete, intelli-sense and more. Why would you use a non PowerShell CLI to do PowerShell CLI / Scripting???

What is a “compiled Shell?”

Ditto to what Don said. 8^}

I’ve been in IT since the 70’s, so, I’ve seen a lot over the years. In 2017, I’ve never heard of anything like this or let’s say by that naming… but hey, I am always up for learning about new stuff.

It is a compiled shell that runs typical standard Windows CMDS. A compiled shell is another term for a custom shell with custom commands mixed with the typical command shell.

How do I import specific commands from a compiled shell which are exclusive to the shell using cmdlets ?

Gosh, I’ve worked with PowerShell since 2005 and I don’t think I’ve run into that term three times.

You can’t. The whole “bundled shell” concept neve actually took off, and it’s never been developed any further. The SQL 2008 “mini-shell” was the one time MS used it.

Anyway, unless you’ve got the PSC file that defines the command set, you can’t “import from” that structure. It just wasn’t ever thought out.

Out of curiosity, what “compiled Shell” are you using?

It’s a custom shell to gain access to the programs environment variables and the like. This is an example of a compiled shell.

The PSC file allows custom commands from a compiled shell to be brought into powershell ? Without it I’m left to use command.